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Stephanie Alderman
Togo, Africa

About Me


My Story


 I  am a 2nd generation missionary. My parents, a bush pilot and nurse began church planting in Togo when I was 2 years old. At 5, I understood my need for a Savior. Later, as a young teen, I heard about one man that traveled 3 hours on an overloaded taxi simply to ask one question. How he could have a personal relationship with Christ. Affected by seeing God move in the lives of the Togolese, I came to the conviction that God was leading me to a life of missionary service. I pursued that avenue through college and later was invited by JJ and Melissa to join the team in Togo.  





 Our vision is To multiply healthy church planting among least reached peoples 

 When looking at a strategic location the Geh and Wachi peoples stood out because of the following factors. 

Beginning as the birthplace of Voodoo, it continues to be the capital of Voodoo in West Africa 

90% of the people have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel

70% of the population is 30 years old and under  




My Ministry

Women’s and Children’s Outreach in Church Planting, Togo

 My responsibilities will be the women’s and children’s ministries. I will help to establish the Courtyard Kid’s programs in new churches, strengthen this program and train Nationals to take over those programs.  

The heartbeat of the women’s ministry lies in personal discipleship. Once a woman has accepted Christ as her personal Savior, she is then personally discipled one-on-one. They are given the opportunity to join a small group which provides accountability and encouragement. Through this group they are able to grow and serve in their church and community.  

Additionally, several weeks during the summer, I will be working at the Togo Palms camp with teens girls. They will come in for a week and will be mentored, invested in, and loved on. In Togo, this is an exceptional opportunity. Many times, they are overlooked by their society and family. They work hard and carry great responsibilities at home. When they come to camp, we will invite the girls to be served first: to be prioritized and valued is revolutionary to them. We talk about what their family life may look like for their future, that they do not have to marry the man their family chooses, and they can decide their own life choices. It is a chance for God to transform a life in one week’s time. We pray they will never be the same.  



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